HMRC want us all to move to the digital age!

It's estimated that tax of £8.5 billion was lost in 2018-19 due to 'avoidable mistakes' resulting from the use of spreadsheets and failing to accurately transpose these figures to their Self Assessment Tax Returns.

All Landlords (and Sole Traders) with an annual income over £10,000 will have to file their

self-assessment tax returns online on or after

6th April 2023.

Financial updates will need to be submitted every quarter and you will have to provide an end of year report declaring any reliefs or allowances.


What's the good news?

I am an Accountant with my own rental properties to manage and have the experience to move your data on to an accounting package that will satisfy HMRC requirements.

In addition, the fantastic suite of reports that will be available to you will give invaluable insights into your rental business.  No more tracking with spreadsheets, but the ability to produce a Profit and Loss account for your property with the click of a button.

If you have more than one property you will be able to see the profitability and yield of each one which will help with tracking performance and decision making.

Once set up and you have chosen your favourite reports , you can either manage the property finances yourself or take advantage of the ongoing support package offered.

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